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Your CPAP Might Be Making You Sick!

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Why Cleaning And Disinfecting Your CPAP Equipment Is so Important

You are dirty – totally filthy, but it’s not by any stretch of the imagination your fault. Germs – or cooties as you may have called them in third grade – are truly all over the place. At times, within your home there could even be a bigger number of germs and microbes than in nature. Common things that we touch each day like your computer keyboard have been known to have a bigger number of germs and microorganisms than the seat of a toilet. Truth be told, a few things within your reach might be upwards of 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Along these lines, you can envision what disgusting things could be living on your CPAP gear.  This is why it is so essential to clean and sterilize your CPAP supplies.

CPAP Wipes

For most extreme cleanliness, you need to clean your mask for your CPAP every day – your other CPAP items not quite so often. It is suggested to use soap and water to clean your mask.  Let’s be honest, who except the most OCD have the time to do that?  What is much easier is to use CPAP wipes.  They are easy to keep near your CPAP, and a quick wipe before bed not only cleans your CPAP, but some are lightly scented and can make wearing a CPAP much more enjoyable.  The wipes clean dirt and your natural skin oils and dry quickly. Sounds better than sleeping with a toilet seat strapped to your head doesn’t it?

CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush

It is suggested you clean your other CPAP items such as tubing and on a week by week premise. The most ideal approach to clean all your CPAP hardware is to wash and flush the parts in warm, sudsy water. All you require is a little soap and effort to get your CPAP feeling crisp and clean. In the event that you need to truly give your tubing a great cleaning  you can utilize the CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush, which makes does an amazing job ensuring your hose remains clean.

What Is The Easiest Way to Sanitize My CPAP Equipment?

Envision having the capacity to crush and destroy 99% of the microbes, infections and form on your CPAP gear? Presenting the SoClean 2, which offers one of the least demanding and most helpful approaches to purify your CPAP mask, hose, water reservoir  and different accessories. The SoClean 2 uses activated oxygen atoms, which are powerful enough to demolish viruses, infections and microbes. Best of all, the SoClean 2 is completely mechanized and you don’t need to dismantle your hardware, which can spare you a lot of time and energy. Also, you don’t need to worry about rinsing or waiting for anything to dry – the SoClean 2 will tell you when your equipment has thoroughly been sanitized.

SoClean likewise has an answer for cleaning your CPAP while traveling. Take the SoClean 2 Go with you and enjoy your clean CPAP on business trips or vacation.

All in all, what are you waiting for? – Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to improve your health and have the peace of mind to know your CPAP gear is completely sterilized?

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